MONTREAL - The Agence metropolitaine de transport is the most punctual commuter train service in North America – according to its own study.

The study said that 96 per cent of the commuter train company's trains were on time in 2009, and 97 per cent were punctual in 2010.

The news comes despite several recorded cases of train delays.

"On time" according to the AMT is within five minutes and 59 seconds of the scheduled time a train is supposed to arrive.

The AMT said it has earned the distinction of being most on time because of numerous improvements and investments across their network, including the gradual deployment of 160 new cars to the system since 2009, which allowed the AMT to increase its capacity.

CTV Montreal spoke to rush-hour commuters Monday who use the AMT regularly and asked them what they thought of the AMT's most "on-time" in North America rating.

The response was mixed:

  • "Not sure about that. Not sure they can claim that. They have some delays."
  • "I think they're quite accurate. It's been very good this season but I wouldn't say they're the best."
  • "I wouldn't know… I haven't used any other transit systems outside of here. But yeah, I'm pretty satisfied."
  • "For us, I'm satisfied."
  • "I agree. Of course, it's not all the time, but most of the time it is."
  • "No. I would disagree. Just this morning they were seven minutes late."
  • "I would say… 97 per cent? I take issue with that. I'd like to see how they did that."

The AMT said it is also sixth in North America for rates of usage, with more than 16 million passengers a year in the Montreal region.

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