The problem with the Montreal-Vaudreuil-Hudson train line is that it's just too darn popular.


Many commuters have criticized that there's just not enough trains to handle the demand, particularly outside of rush hour.


Some form of relief is at hand, according to the AMT brass, who met Tuesday at the Beaconsfield station to announce some upgrades.


The smell of added trains was in the air in the announcement, but only midway in 2012, after other renos are completed


"Earlier this year, we were in Beaconsfield to announce an investment in some track infrastructure, like switching devices and traffic control systems, which will be in place by the end of 2012. And hopefully a few months after that we will be implementing six more trains," said AMT Interim President Paul Cote.


The AMT could not say what the new schedules would be for the half-dozen new trains.


But train riders interviewed by CTV Montreal noted that if one misses the 6:30 p.m. train, the next one only comes after 9 p.m..


The West Island's dedicated rail project known as the Train de l'Ouest could eventually triple the frequency of trains to the area.


More details are expected after plans are completed by the end of this year.