What happens when all we believe to be true is suddenly turned upside down?

That's what happened to Amanda Jetté Knox, in what started when her eleven-year-old wrote a letter.

"The child I knew as our middle son, at the time, sent an email to us and said please try to understand, and please don't be mad, but I am a girl trapped in a boy's body," said Jetté Knox.

Then a year and a half later her husband also admitted to being transgender.

She outlined what her family went through in a book called "Love Lives Here, A Story Of Thriving In A Transgender Family."

"We're a whole lot better on the other side of all these changes than we were beforehand," said Jetté Knox.

"It has its hard parts. We had to walk through fire to get to where we are today but we are really in a much better place."

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