Residents of Ahuntsic-Cartierville met with the borough’s mayor on Tuesday night to address safety concerns over wily coyote problem.

The meeting included an educational portion, where residents of all ages were taught to spot the differences between foxes, coyotes and wolfs and were given a briefing on the animals’ behaviour.

The residents were warned against feeding wild animals, as biologists explained the reason for increased sightings is likely because humans have been giving them food.

Over the weekend, three children were bitten by coyotes in the neighbourhood. While borough officials said they believe the attacks were carried out by one or two animals, residents said they want more sweeping action taken.

“We want them to relocate the coyotes or to euthanize them, it’s that simple,” said Carlo D’Anello. “If you’re going to euthanize a dog for biting somebody, there’s no logic in saying we’re going to leave the coyotes be because they’re part of the ecosystem. The threat has to be taken care of.”

Thus far, the borough has refused to implement a euthanization campaign against the animals. On Monday, Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante said the city was partnering with a private firm to track down coyotes, particularly those that may be sick or aggressive. The city also installed cameras and increased the presence of city workers in the area where the attack happened.   

“We have a hazing campaign since July 26,” said borough mayor Emilie Thuillier. “For seven days, they’re in four parks near Frederic Bach and Carriere Francon, from 8:00 p.m. to midnight, they are yelling, they are scaring the coyotes that perhaps might be in the parks.”