In the past, the homes on 2nd Ave. in Verdun illuminated cold December nights with their Christmas displays.

But now, the task of making Christmas spirits bright has fallen to one determined family.

Two triplexes on the street, between Bannantyne and Verdun Aves., are owned by the Ritchie sisters, five women who wear Christmas spirit on their sleeve.

Every year for the last 15 years, the sisters and their families have spared no expense in decorating their home, which is decked out in lights, wreaths and bows.

And about that hydro bill?

“We don’t pay attention to that,” said Robert Ross, who's married to one of the sisters.

“After all, it's just for a month.”

He said every year, they add more decorations to the display.

There’s no pattern to their design because their masterpiece isn’t meant to be artistic – the goal is to spread joy.

The display is one of many family traditions, some of which go beyond décor.

“We eat together as a family, before everyone heads to church,” said Aurore Ritchie-Martin.

Neighbourhood children go out of their way to catch a glimpse of the triplexes.

“Last year, they rang the doorbell and a little girl said to her mom, mom I told you it was Santa Claus’s house,” said Ghislaine Ritchie, one of the homeowners.

Those living in the area say they appreciate the Ritchie family’s efforts to bring Christmas cheer to their neighbourhood.

And even though the family isn't getting younger, they want everyone in Verdun to know that Christmas will be alive and well, as long as they can keep it up.