Karine Dufour is leaping to London this weekend.

The 16-year-old is reaching impressive heights as she prepares for the National Trampoline World Championships.

In a sport where most athletes don't peak until their late twenties, Karine is consistently jumping higher than her competition.

"I think I am powerful, I can go higher than the others and that's why I can do skills easier," said Karine.

The ability to regularly leap 150 cm higher than others flew her to the top of the junior provincial trampoline championships.

Winning the National championship gave her the chance to represent Canada this weekend in England.

"I'm excited to see high level performers and I'm a little bit nervous. But I think it will be a great experience."

Her mom says one of the reasons for her success is Karine's dedication to the sport she loves.

"She works so hard, she's so determined, she loves it," said Lyne Cedilotte. "I'm proud of her."

Performing on a trampoline may seem easy, but it's anything but.

Top level athletes require skill, practice, and a precise knowledge of where they are in the air at all times.

"You can control the direction and you fly at the same time, so you twist like a roller coaster but fly like a bird," said Karine.

Karine trains in Laval at Acrosport Barani Trampoline Club.

Her coach Julie Dionne says Karine is passionate and a dream to work with.

"When we say something to Karine we know that she's going to remember it and she's going to work on it," said Dionne.

Ever humble, Karine says she would not be where she is without her coach.

"She helps me to make me feel confident," said Karine.

"She makes me feel like 'You're good, you can do it.'"