A new group supporting the French language launched in South Shore Longueuil on Sunday.

The Mouvement Monteregie Francais says its mission is to protect Quebec's mother tongue in the regions.

"We are a minority and we are facing a very powerful English culture," said PQ MNA Pierre Curzi, a supporter of the group.

Mouvement Monteregie Francais says the workforce in Montreal is predominantly Anglophone and that is unacceptable.

The group is also outraged by the Supreme Court of Canada's decision to strike down Bill 104, a law created to limit access to English public schools.

The ruling allows Allophone children to transfer to an English public school after studying in English at a private institution.

Former Quebec premier Bernard Landry says he believes the Supreme Court's decision in unfair.

"If you are rich, you can get out of the French system, which is absurd. Rich or poor, the law is the law," Landry told CTV Montreal's Catherine Sherriffs.

Landry said new immigrants should learn French first, but the ruling makes that impossible.