The first question period of the National Assembly's spring session Tuesday included accusations that the government's ethics practices need an overhaul, and that Premier Jean Charest continues to close his eyes to MNA infractions.

"The question of ethics will be at the heart of our debates," said Pauline Marois, chief of the opposition.

The Charest government once again stonewalled on naming an ethics commissioner or beginning an inquiry into the province's construction industry.

The ADQ was outraged that the premier wants to name Jean D'Amour to the assembly's committee on public administration, which has oversight on all government departments.

The provincial Liberal member for the riding of Rivière-du-Loup pleaded guilty last week to charges under the Lobbying Act.

D'Amour paid a $500 fine for acting as a lobbyist for engineering firm BPR after quitting as mayor of Rivière-du-Loup.

The ADQ said it wants to see all the allegations against D'Amour and wonders why they pushed him out of caucus last fall for allegations and brought him back now that he has been found guilty.

"Where is the logic?" asked ADQ MNA for Lotbiniere Sylvie Roy.