Police found the bodies of two missing Laval roommates Tuesday in an Acura submerged in the Riviere des Prairies.

The search for Vincent Lamoureux and Hugo Pereira led Montreal and Surete du Quebec divers to the icy waters of the river on the Laval side of the Viau Bridge.

Police are in the process of towing the car with the bodies inside from the river, said CTV's Annie DeMelt, reporting live from the scene.

Strong currents have made recovery efforts difficult and dangerous, said police.

Missing for a week

Lamoureux, 20, and Pereira, 22, were last seen at Au Diable Vert, a bar on St. Denis St., before 3 a.m. early Wednesday. Family and friends had not heard from them since.

Montreal police had been asking the public and other police forces to keep an eye out for Pereira's missing car: a black, four-door Acura TL 2007 with the Quebec licence plate number 861ZBD.

Police say they had found debris from an Acura vehicle near the bridge, but couldn't confirm if it was from the same model car. Part of a mag wheel was also found, and the piece is unique to Pereira's car, said family members.

Tire tracks, as well as damage to a fence and guardrail had also been spotted near the scene, said DeMelt.

Pereira, who is presumed to have been driving, had a habit of speeding, family and friends told DeMelt.

The young mens' families had gathered at the scene, anxiously awaiting news, and said they were not surprised at the news.

Family, friends place posters in metro

Family and friends of Lamoureux and Pereira had stepped up the search Tuesday by handing out flyers and placing posters throughout the metro system in hopes a clue might lead to finding them.

Police said they had received multiple calls about their missing black Acura, in some cases as far away as Quebec City, but every tip had identified the wrong car.

Police and a team of 200 volunteers had been searching the streets Montreal and Laval for any clues into their disappearance.

"Hugo never showed up"

Pereira was speaking with a woman inside the bar at 2 a.m. early Wednesday before he and Lamoureux left the premises to return to Laval. A few minutes later, Pereira sent a text to the woman, who told him to pick her up outside.

"She went outside, but Hugo never showed up," said his stepfather, Bernard Sauve.