MONTREAL -- With COVID-19 cases surging across Quebec, some Montreal universities have decided to stick with online classes for the winter term.

In emails sent to students and staff Monday, both Concordia University and Universite de Montreal announced their winter terms will look a lot like the fall; classes will once again be delivered remotely, and staff will continue to work from home.

"I realize that this will be disappointing to many of you, as it is to me and to the whole academic and non-academic leadership team," Concordia University president Graham Carr wrote in his email message. "We miss the opportunity to see each other and to teach, learn, work and meet in person."

Certain classes and labs that require in person participation will continue to go ahead as they have in September, for both universities.

"The pandemic, as we can see, continues to evolve and public health experts believe that the health crisis will remain present for part of the year to come," said Daniel Jutras, Universite de Montreal Rector, in an email to students and staff.

McGill University and UQAM have not yet announced their plans for the winter term.