While Easter Sunday is a quiet day for many, it's quite the opposite for about 15,000 white-clad ravers heading to the Palais de Congres Sunday night for the 20th annual Bal en Blanc dance event that begins at 9 p.m.

This year's event will have an Alice in Wonderland theme and will be set in three separate rooms, each with different music set to play uninterrupted for 13 hours.

Dance rave cognescenti might recognize the names of Paris & Simo, Monitor, Raneem Paskal Daze, Jesse Zotti, Karl K-Otik, Malek & Jeremy Sky and Domeno, all of whom will be spinning music throughout the 13-hour marathon. 

The event was originally created by the gay community, but has since spread to include every variety of participant.

Tickets cost $149, which includes taxes and a special $5 police fee, as the event is closely watched by police to ensure that drugs are not sold on the premises.

The event is an important tourist attraction, as about 25 percent of those attending are said to come from outside of the province.