Anyone interested in becoming the boss of Quebec’s anti-corruption police unit has 10 days to get their application in.

A recently published job listing invites candidates for the post of commissioner for the fight against corruption to come forward before July 31.

The call for applications is intended to establish a list of qualified individuals for the position. Then a selection committee will evaluate the selected files before recommending a candidate who will meet with Premier Francois Legault and a member of each of the National Assembly’s opposition parties.

Whichever candidate Legault selects will have to be approved by two-thirds of the National Assembly before starting their seven-year, non-renewable term.

Jean-Francois Del Torchio, Director of Communications for the Minister of Public Security said that while it may be unusual for such a job listing, requiring unique qualifications, to be widely disseminated on the Internet and in newspaper, the approach was a planned one.

“This is a public call for applications, people are invited to submit their CV, then there is a selection committee that examines the selected candidates,” he said.

According to information contained in the job listing, the workplace is located in Montreal and the salary ranges from $171,626 to $223,118.

It specifies that the fight against corruption involves both criminal investigations, audits of public contracts and the construction industry and investigating the integrity of companies wishing to participate in public markets.

Among the listed requirements are that applicants must have a university degree in a field related to the position and must have at least 10 years of management experience in a related field. The person must have a good knowledge of the province and the governance of organizations, as well as an excellent knowledge of the legislative and regulatory framework of police organizations.