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'Ugly produce': company gives second life to fruits and vegetables in Montreal


For Divyansh Ojha and his company Odd Bunch, Friday was a big step forward. It marked the first time his subscription-based food service completed a delivery in Quebec.

Odd Bunch is capitalizing on what's called "ugly produce." Fruits and vegetables with slight imperfections but would not make it to a grocery store shelf.

"Nearly 60 per cent of all the food in Canada that's produced is waste, and a large chunk of that is avoidable," Ojha, Odd Bunch founder, said. "That's where we fit in."

Odd Bunch works with farmers, greenhouses and suppliers to ensure the produce doesn't go to waste.

"Because a cucumber is a little bit bent, because a pepper is not perfectly symmetrical, does not mean that the grower should not be compensated for it," Ojha said.

He acquires fruits and vegetables at a reduced price, ultimately helping a consumer's bottom line.

"We're able to pass on the cost savings to the customer that is paying typically 50 cents on the dollar to get this product to their door," Ojha said.

With a grocery price freeze now over, food researcher Sylvain Charlebois said shoppers can expect a price jump for non-perishable goods.

"You have a more frugal market, so consumers on a tight budget will look for other options, and they'll do everything they can to save money," Charlebois said. "So this is the right time to come into the market with an economical solution." Top Stories

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