It's a distinction many foodies will say they saw coming.

Montreal has been named the best restaurant city in North America by Town & Country magazine.

The magazine says the city's dining scene has surpassed that of New York City.

The magazine said it boils down to the appetites of Montrealers, fed both by the city’s old-world culinary cultures and a daring open-mindedness to try foods prepared in bold new ways.

Town & Country said it also helps that Montrealers are sophisticated diners who enjoy wines and have adventurous taste buds.

Award-winning food writer Alan Richman said Montreal's food scene has been evolving over the last few decades while New York's has devolved, adding that the Big Apple is now known more for sticky buns than haute cuisine.

Meanwhile, Quebec had developed a regional cuisine with eateries like Toque!, Au Pied de Cochon and Joe Beef leading the way.

Local restaurateur David McMillan, who is the co-owner of Joe Beef, said it's not surprising that Montreal has been ranked number one.

“We sell rabbit, we sell duck, we sell liver, we sell pheasants, we sell partridges, you know, we sell birds. We sell a lot of peculiar food items in Montreal and Quebec City and throughout the province of Quebec that people don’t eat in the rest of North America,” he said.

Other restaurants mentioned in the article include Les 400 Coups, Le Mousso, Hotel Herman and Hoogan & Beaufort.