An 18-year-old accused of possessing explosive materials will be sent to the Pinel Institute for a 30-day psychiatric evaluation.

Jordi Antunes Barros was charged Monday with possession of explosives and weapons.

The teen made his second court appearance in two days Wednesday, following his arrest on the weekend.

“He was really calm. There's nothing else I can say, but he was really calm and he understands what's going on,” said defence attorney Valerie Rivest.

Following a tip, police officers found explosive devices in the Cartierville triplex where Antunes Barros lives with his parents.

It resulted in a 15-hour police operation and the evacuation of roughly 50 homes in the neighbourhood.

The court now has to determine the teen's mental state at the time of his arrest.

“There has been an evaluation under section 672.11 B, to know if he was responsible during the infraction,” said Rivest.

Both the defence and the prosecution agreed Antunes Barros should be sent to the Pinel Institute for a more thorough 30-day evaluation.

Crown prosecutor Jacques Rouillier told the court the suspect has obsessive compulsive tendencies and is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder.

Rouillier suggested building explosive devices might have been a hobby for the teen, and he may not have been aware of the danger.

“He was diagnosed last year, but there was nothing else that has been discovered, so that's why we want him to go in Pinel to know exactly what's happening with his mental disorder, if he has one or not,” he said.

Antunes Barros will return to court on June 23, once his psychiatric evaluation is complete.