OTTAWA -- The Supreme Court of Canada has ordered the CIty of Montreal to pay a public-relations firm for work done during the Gerald Tremblay administration, even if the rules to issue the contract for the work were not respected.

The city must pay $82,898.63 to Octane Strategies for work it did in 2007 to help the city launch its tranport plan, work that Octane partly sub-contracted to a firm called Productions Gilles Blais (PGB), which specializes in event planning and production.

While the city paid Octane for some of the work it did, it refused to pay the amount due to PGB, arguing that it had no contract with that company and that the arrangement between Octane and PGB did not meet the regulations regarding the issuing of public contracts.

But the Supreme Court ruled that Montreal does indeed owe Octane the outstanding amount because the city received and benefited from the services Octane provided via PGB.

The Supreme Court's ruling is final and cannot be appealed.