The city's snow removal operation is under fire as a thick layer of ice still covers many streets and sidewalks.

With more snow on the way, some people living in the suburbs say they've been forgotten.

“We've had winters with up and down weather and temperatures since I can remember. I've lived in St-Laurent for 50 years, my whole life, and I've never seen conditions like this or lack of services like this,” said David Graziani.

He said the borough should do something.

“I think they've done it three times the whole winter where they've actually applied salt to the sidewalks,” he said.

St-Laurent is part of the city of Montreal and is expecting similar services to the bare streets downtown.

In demerged Kirkland, things aren't much better.

On St-Tropez St. there’s so much ice, Marlene Gagne has to walk her dog on busy thoroughfares instead.

“The good streets here are only the big streets, so there are more cars and it's more dangerous,” she said.

Alex Bottausci, mayor of nearby Dollard-des-Ormeaux, said he was faced with a choice of either having crews clear away the ice on roads or focusing on clearing important sewer grates.

“We had 1,200 homes that were in danger of getting flooded and we prefer talking about the ice on the streets today than water in someone's basement tomorrow,” he said.

DDO is bringing in additional crews from one of its contractors, but even with the re-enforcements, it'll be difficult to get rid of all the snow.

“I don't think they can do anything. It's too late now to do anything,” said Gagne.

“Most people who live around here are elderly. It's an older neighbourhood. Watching them come out here and try and navigate to their cars or down the sidewalk, you have to feel sorry for them,” said Graziani.

With a dump of snow set to cover up all that ice over the next couple of days, it will be another layer of complexity to an already difficult winter.