A student association demanding an apology and prevention measures after two men were allegedly tossed from Saint-Sulpice Bar on Saint-Denis Friday night for kissing each other -- but the bar owner says it wasn't due to discrimination, it was inappropriate behaviour.

 The Federation of Student Associations campus of the University of Montreal (FAÉCUM) issued a statement Sunday afternoon asking for the apology.

“We were shocked. I think it's completely completely inappropriate. It's not an acceptable behaviour, so that was our first reaction,” said Vincent Fournier Gosselin, general secretary of the FAÉCUM. “We called the St. Sulpice to try to have a meeting with them, but they just didn't answer our call yet.”

The student group said the expulsion occurred as part of an integration evening for the Faculty of Medicine at Université de Montréal.

Gabriel Dion, one of the men who were ejected admits the party was on the wild side.

“Everyone was pretty drunk, intoxicated, and everyone was kind of kissing. Some people didn't have a lot of clothes on,” said Dion, explaining that things heated up when he met another man.

“We were both interested in each other so basically we just went to a separate stairway because we didn't want to disturb anyone and we just started kissing, making out, and hugging each other and that's it.”

“We definitely know some people are not comfortable with that, especially in a straight bar, so we tried to be as discreet as possible, but then a security guard came in and just told us to leave… I definitely felt disrespected. I felt that there was a lot of prejudice basically,” he said.

Bar owner Maurice Bourassa responded after speaking to witnesses, saying the men were not merely kissing, but rather were "on top of each other."

Bourassa claims the men were blocking the fire escape and it was also a safety concern. Bourassa said other same-sex couples were also kissing in the bar and were not ejected, because they were behaving in a matter they felt was more appropriate.

Last December, a Lesbian couple was kicked out of Le Manoir pub in Pointe-Claire for kissing. The management also argued in that instance that the couple was doing more than kissing, and was behaving in a lewd manner.