Savoura president Stephane Roy and his 14-year-old son Justin Roy-Seguin were laid to rest on Saturday.

The father and son were reported missing on July 10 during a fishing trip in which Roy was piloting a helicopter.

Police, volunteers and the Canadian Armed Forces spent weeks scouring the area between where the helicopter had taken off and its destination. The helicopter and the victims bodies were found on July 25.

The funeral for the pair was held in the St-Jerome cathedral. Among those who were present was Quebec Agriculture Minister Andre Lamontagne.

"It's a testimony, it's a tribute to his contribution, his vision, what he put together. I want to be with his employees, I want to show I care," said Lamontagne. "On a personal note, I'm a pilot myself, I have two beautiful daughters and when I heard about the story of Mr. Roy and his son, it touched me."

Roy was well-known as a businessman who founded several companies, including greenhouse tomato companies Sagami and Savoura.

He is survived by his mother, sister and brothers while Justin Roy-Seguin is survived by many relatives and friends at Oka High School.