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Stay off the ice! Coast Guard warning Quebecers to stay off St. Lawrence River


Quebecers are being reminded this weekend to stay off the ice on the St. Lawrence River.

The Canadian Coast Guard and Quebec Security Ministry sent out the alert due to the mild winter and "prolonged above normal temperatures which have delayed the consolidation of the fast ice."

"The ice is too thin to allow for safe activities, so we recommend that you do not go out on the ice," the warning said.

The agencies added that strong winds and high temperatures can combine to break up ice, which, they say, is already "weakened and cracked in many places."

The Lac Saint-Pierre area is particularly vulnerable.

Icebreakers may be called in if broken ice pieces present a risk for navigation.

"Remember that it is also dangerous, at all times, to venture out on the ice when an icebreaker, a hovercraft or any other vessel is in the vicinity," the release reads. "Ice movements can occur and represent a real danger for anyone in the operational area of these vessels. The same applies when equipment is on the ice."

The Coast Guard recommends that no one remain on the ice when they see an icebreaker or other vessel in the vicinity. Top Stories

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