The borough of St-Laurent is setting up the first urban biodiversity corridor in Quebec to combat hot spots.

Grass, shrubs and flowering meadows will be planted on 450 hectares of land, including along Cavendish, Poirier and Thiemens Blvds., and in industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

There will also be greenery planted on some roofs in industrial areas.

New pedestrian trails, upgraded bicycle paths and rest areas will be incorporated into the $1.8-million plan.

Mock-up of biodiversity corridor

The goal is to create new habitats conducive to diverse plant species, birds and pollinating insects.

“Climate change issues are requiring us to act quickly with innovative solutions. The St-Laurent corridor will therefore serve as a laboratory for Montreal, for the province of Quebec, for all of Canada and—dare we say—for the entire world,” said St-Laurent Mayor Alan DeSousa, adding that it is “the first project of its kind in an urban environment to combine landscape architecture, urban architecture, environment, ecology, culture, art and social aspects.”

Work begins this year and continues until 2021.