Denis Coderre has scooped up four more candidates for his growing electoral party.

Every sitting councillor in the St. Laurent borough, including its mayor Alan DeSousa, has joined Team Denis Coderre.

Until last year all were members of Union Montreal.

DeSousa said he will be running with pride in his record, and believes he has the confidence of voter since he has been serving since 1990.

However he definitely feels Marcel Coté's team are the people to beat, and he minces no words, saying he feels that Coté's coalition with Louise Harel and Vision Montreal is a sign of weakness.

"It's a question of securing plum spots. it's a power grab from last year when Madame Harel essentially took over the executive committee and Mr. Coté finished the job," said DeSousa

"It's a question of values. I stand for things."

Richard Bergeron, leader of Projet Montreal, dismissed DeSousa's complaints, saying that DeSousa would have been very happy to lead a coalition when he ran, unsuccessfully, against his former Union Montreal party member Michael Applebaum to become interim mayor of Montreal.


Besides DeSousa the other councillor candidates are:

  • Aref Salem, first elected in 2009
  • Francesco Miele, first elected in 2010
  • Michele Biron, who has been a member of St. Laurent's council since 1982
  • Maurice Cohen was also first elected in 1982.


On Friday night four mayoral candidates will participate in their first debate.