Mayoral candidates Denis Coderre and Marcel Coté have presented more candidates for their respective political parties in this year's Montreal election.

Most of the councillor candidates are political newcomers, but some have been elected previously.

The candidates for Team Coderre are:

  • Josselin Breton in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie
  • Johanne Despatis in Ile Bizard-Sainte Genevieve
  • Giovanni Rapana in Riviere des Prairies-Pointe aux Trembles
  • Diane Rodrigue in Ahuntsic-Cartierville

Rapana was originally elected as a borough councillor under the Union Montreal banner but abandoned that party last November, saying he was a man of integrity.

The other three candidates have no political experience. Breton is a lawyer and mediator, Despatis is also a lawyer and mediator who chairs the West Island Development Centre (CLD), while Rodrigue has 30 years experience as a manager with extensive experience in the public and private sphere.

Rodrigue said that seeing all the problems Montreal has today, she could no longer stand by and idly complain.

"I was like everybody, I listened to the Charbonneau Commission, and I stop and say I have to do something, and I'll go now to do something."


Marcel Coté's coalition grows

Coté's four candidates are all in Montreal North and have extensive ties to the neighbourhood.

  • Guy Ryan, borough mayor for Montreal North
  • Claude Fortin in Ovide-Clermont
  • Jean Roy, borough councillor in Marie-Clarac
  • Wilmann Edouard, borough councillor in Ovide Clermont

Ryan's name should be very well known to residents of Montreal North. His father Yves Ryan was mayor of the town of Montreal North from 1968 until the mergers in 2001. His uncle Claude Ryan led the provincial Liberal party from 1978 until 1982, and served in the National Assembly until 1994.

Ryan said that once he decided to enter municipal politics he thought long and hard about which party to join.

"I have no problem with Denis Coderre. I live just near him. I had a good discussion with him but I'm not sure about him. I'm sure about Mr. Coté," said Ryan.

Among the better-known candidates running for mayor of Montreal are Richard Bergeron, Denis Coderre, Marcel Cote and Melanie Joly. Others who may or may not appear on the final mayoral ballot include Denis McCready, Clément Sauriol, Kofi Sonokpon and Michel Brule.