Flavoured mango is a popular street food in countries all over the world. Now a couple is hoping their take on Colombia's 'mango biche' will be a hit in Montreal.

At Oui Mango the fruit is if prepared in the traditional Colombian way: peeled and julienned into spirals.

Then it's tossed with any combination of toppings.

Angela Patino recommends what she ate as a kid, "green mango, lime, and salt. I grew up with that because I was born in Colombia and my parents are Colombian so I knew about it," she said.

Angela and her spouse Karina started Oui Mango two months ago.

The two women with Colombian roots met and fell in love in Montreal.

They soon realized one of their favorite snacks was missing from Montreal's food scene.

"I saw oh this is like a melting pot, there's a bunch of people from different cultures, different races. I thought something like this would do great over there," said Karina.

Oui Mango is in Alexis Nihon Plaza.