Over 100 snowboarders were on the east side of Montreal Saturday working on their basic board tricks on their way to nailing some McTwists, backside 900s, and Cab 720s as the Dillon Ojo Snowpark opened for its second season.

The park opened last year as a Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation and Montreal Olympic Park collaboration sponsored by Vans.

"The idea behind [it] was to provide great accessibility to snowboarding in the heart of the city," said Alex Auchu, marketing director of Vans. 

Sunday, the park hosted Ojo Fest with a series of snowboard displays and contests. 

The park is a free facility where boarders of all ages can ride the rails, jump and other obstacles.

It's located near the Viau metro and near the Vans skatepark. It's open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. until the end of March, weather permitting.

Ojo's family created the foundation to honour their son Dillon-Charles Ojo, who was a well-known snowboarder and artist who died in a tragic accident at age 23 in 2018. 

"He was just a regular guy, wanting to be with his friends, wanting to have fun on the slopes," said Elaine Charles, Ojo's mother. "So for him, this would just be the cherry on the cake."

With files from CTV Montreal's Olivia O'Malley.