MONTREAL - Google Street View is reportedly snapping photos of Montreal streets once again.

According to an unconfirmed report, the Google Street View cars are in Montreal and driving around city streets snapping new, high definition photos in an effort to update the street map of city streets that the online service provides.

Google does not customarily comment on its street view photography sessions, presumably because they want to shoot their countless photos unmolested.

The recent unconfirmed online posting on a Montreal discussion forum reports that there are eight cars on Montreal streets for the next two weeks shooting a new set of images with high definition cameras, in the aim of making the images on the service clearer.

Google Street View was launched in May 2007 and came to most large Canadian cities in October 2009.

In the past, pranksters have occasionally made unusual poses when the Google car came snapping its shots, including one who wore a horse-mask, others who faked accidents and a couple who exposed their bottoms to the camera.

Some contributors in the ensuing local discussion vowed to make a point of sitting on their front balconies in hopes of getting snapped by the service.