Reese John eats, drinks and sleeps bowling.

"He's been bowling every Saturday in the league since he was five," said his mother Carla Sturman. "He absolutely loves it and he also bowls on Thursdays, so he bowls twice a week.

"He would bowl five times a week if I'd let him."

It all started when he went to a birthday party and had the time of his life.

One thing led to another and the next thing you knew, he was bowling in tournaments and won the provincial tournament for boys 11 and under.

"You get to be really competitive and win lots of medals and stuff and I started winning all the golds so I kept playing," said Reese.

Reese says he has his sights set on turning professional, and he may already have spent his future winnings for his collection of 12-pound bowling balls.

He' has his regular ball, a spare with a lizard eye which goes straight and then two others.

"It's a fringe and it's meant to hook a lot, and I also got another ball and it's a tornado ball and that one is a medium hook," said Reese.

Proud father Kyle said his son is passionate about pins.

"He's very determined and he's very strong," said Kyle. "If he doesn't think he's doing well in something he tends to push himself harder to do the best he can."