MONTREAL -- Quebec travellers can now get an additional dose of an RNA coronavirus vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) if their destination country requires it.

The province’s website reads that anyone who got two doses of any of the approved vaccines is considered “adequately protected” against COVID-19.

“This is not the case in all countries,” it reads. “Indeed, there is no international consensus on what should be recognized as ‘adequately vaccinated’.”

Those who require two doses of an RNA vaccine can get an additional shot by making an appointment on ClicSante or by going to a walk-in clinic.

The province warned, however, that “there are currently no studies to assess the impact of this additional dose.”

“The person should be properly counseled to be informed of the potential risks associated with this additional dose, compared to the benefits of the planned trip.”


So far, the province has administered 10,469,697 shots to Quebecers, amounting to 72.9 per cent of the population. 

Of those within the eligible age bracket (12 and up), 82 per cent have gotten their first dose, while 57 per cent have been fully vaccinated. 

In total, the province has received 12,228,529 doses from the federal government.