An organization that represents local Muslims is pleading with media and politicians to resist exploiting fears linked to their faith.

The Canadian Muslim Forum articulated their objections to recent media coverage and political announcements at a press conference held in Montreal Friday.

Misapprehensions encouraged by certain politicians and media have even translated into face-to-face aggression on Muslims, say representatives.

"There are incidents on a daily basis unfortunately. Muslims can face comments at their workplace and at school," said group member Sameer Zuberi.

The group has taken profound exception to a proposal from CAQ leader Francois Legault that new mosques require government approval.

"If he wants to apply it broadly to every single institution, every single religious institution that exists, that might be a legitimate debate. But to focus it solely on the Muslim community is irresponsible as a leader," said Zuberi.

Some media coverage has also encouraged bad relations, according to the group.

"We have to be very careful when an incident comes, the second day it is on the front pages attacking Islam, and Muslims and Muslim figures," said Samer Majzoub, President, Canadian Muslim Forum.