Projet Montreal's plan for the city includes extending the Metro to Montreal West, building tram lines, and making public transit more affordable.

Party leader Richard Bergeron says he can build three metro stations west of Snowdon, something that has long been a dream for city's western residents.

"We don't need the authorization of Quebec," said Bergeron. "Instead of studying extensions again and again in Anjou, study extension in the west between Snowdown and Montreal West."

If elected mayor, Bergeron says he will also go ahead with a network of six tramway lines, including a link from downtown to the airport.

All of it would cost taxpayers $200 million a year, for 25 years, which Bergeron says can come out of the existing budget.

"That's why I can commit myself today that the work will begin next spring and be in service by November 2012."

His ideas are often well-received by commuters, but as the third party in Montreal, with only one councillor elected under the Projet Montreal -- Bergeron himself -- many have never heard of the party.

(Jos�e Duplessis in De Lorimier and Pierre Mainville in Ville-Marie were elected under other parties, but crossed the floor to join Projet Montreal earlier this year.)

"I wish he would fight for his cause more and actually get it out there to the public," said Hesra Williams.

Bergeron has three weeks to get Montrealers on board.