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Cyclist strikes child crossing the street to catch school bus in Montreal


WARNING: Story contains video some may find distressing

A video circulating on social media of a young girl being hit by a bike has some calling for cyclists to be more attentive and follow the rules of the road when riding in heavily populated residential areas.

The video shows a four-year-old girl crossing Jeanne-Mance Street in Montreal's Plateau neighbourhood to get on a school bus stopped on the opposite side of the street.

The bus is not at an intersection, but the school bus' flashing stop sign is extended.

The girl looks to her right, seemingly to check for cars, but while crossing, is hit by a cyclist coming up the bike path on the left.

The child immediately gets up, appearing to be unharmed. 

The cyclist, who fell off their bike, also appears unharmed.

The Quebec Highway Safety Code (HSC) notes that cyclists, like cars, must stop when a school bus stop sign is extended and flashing.

"Cyclists must stop at least five metres from a school bus when its red lights are flashing," the code says.

Montreal police (SPVM) spokesperson Sabrina Gauthier confirms the cyclist in question should have stopped. 

"He could receive a ticket and it's very expensive," she said. "The cyclist has to follow the Code de la securité routière, like a driver."

Local resident Mayer Feig posted the video to social media after a friend sent it to him.

"This is not the first time this occurs including to my own son," he wrote on X.

Feig said he spoke to the young girl's father who said she is shaken but uninjured.

Feig told CTV News that he posted the video because he wants to raise awareness for cyclists to use caution in high density residential areas.

He lives nearby and parks on the street. He said visibility is also an issue with the bike path.

"It doesn't make sense," he said. "It's impossible to see a cyclist coming down the street." Top Stories

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