QUEBEC CITY - The fall session led by the PQ minority government brought no shortage of drama and Premier Pauline Marois attempted to put it all into perspective at a session-ending press conference Friday.

Marois said that her biggest regret was failing to reduce the province’s $2.5 billion deficit.

“We should have done that but it was not possible,” she said.

A tax hike or service cuts was out of the question. “We decided that was not the right solution,” said Marois.

She also expressed frustration with the two main opposition parties, who failed to click with her on just about every piece of legislation her party presented.

“All the opposition said, ‘no, we disagree and we don't want to discuss this law,’” she said.

Marois also claimed that the PQ saved Quebec $240 million through its anti-corruption measures.

She also downplayed the tumult raised by Bill 60, the proposed legislation that would ban religious clothing in provincial government jobs, a proposal that hasn’t been well-received by anglophones and minorities.

“I think we have good relations I don't have any problems with the anglo Quebecers or with the new Quebecers,” she said.