The Parti Quebecois is hoping to dethrone Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois in next year’s election and, to that end, revealed the candidate they think gives them their best shot on Sunday.

Olivier Gignac, a development advisor for Quebec podcast company Magneto, has been tapped to face off against the Quebec Solidaire co-spokesperson in the Gouin riding.

Nadeau-Dubois was elected to represent the riding in a by-election in May following the retirement of Quebec Solidaire’s Francoise David. The PQ, in an attempt to convince Quebec Solidaire to merge, did not run a candidate in that race.

“For us, Gouin is Pequiste territory that we’re not ceding,” said PQ leader Jean-Francois Lisee. “Historically, we’ve had excellent MNAs in Gouin. We will retake Gouin because we represent the values of voters in the riding, voters who are progressive and who want investments in services.”

Prior to Nadeau-Dubois joining Quebec Solidaire, the former student leader had been courted by the Parti Quebecois. He spurned their advances, saying the party, along with the Liberals, had “betrayed” Quebecers by focusing on big business.

Gignac said he likes his chances against Nadeau-Dubois, noting he’s lived and worked in the riding since 2012.

Lisee struck back at Quebec Solidaire, saying supporters in the riding have grown disenchanted with them.

“Lots of voters who supported Quebec Solidaire are disappointed in QS’ decision to refuse an agreement with the Parti Quebecois,” he said. “Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois represented those hopes, and those hopes are broken. Nine out of 10 QS supporters wanted a deal.”