Another year over, and a new one has begun.

2016. The year of Brexit . The year of Trump. The year we lost Leonard and so many others.

Good riddance. And no one knows what to expect in 2017, a year that no doubt will surprise.

Coderre booed at hockey games

In Montreal, the winds may be shifting for Mayor Coderre.

It’s not often you hear boos when his name is announced as it was at a junior hockey game this week.

The mayor’s next date with destiny will come this year as he seeks a second term.

No one can deny he works hard but his pet control bylaw is bound to cost him votes. It wasn’t really that well thought out.

There have been other flips and flops and his obsession with the 375th anniversary of Montreal could be his undoing.

$200 million for an anniversary that frankly I don’t think many care about except perhaps those in the business of making money from these things.

A mayor who gambles so much on the success of these unnecessary celebrations might not get the last laugh.

Montreal is a great place to live but face it, the economy here is awful.

We are among the poorest big cities in North America and this is excessive.

Provincial Liberals need a new plan

It will be a make it or break it year for the Quebec Liberals.

An election is less than two years away.

They need to put their house in order.

It seems Quebecers may be getting sick of the Liberals but aren’t crazy about the alternatives either.

If that’s their strategy, they are in trouble.

The Liberals have been in power for the better part of 15 years.

They need a better vision to present to Quebecers!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_620/image.jpg

Justin must learn the word 'no'

2017 will be a tough year for Justin Trudeau: the year when he finally learns to say no.

He has a nasty spat with the provinces over health care funding, he will need to delicately handle the marijuana file, carbon taxes, and the Energy East pipeline project.

His government has already bungled electoral reform, and Trudeau must somehow remove himself from the stench of giving privileged personal access to wealthy Canadians at ritzy dinners.

2017 will reveal what he is made of.

Donald Trump: Making Russia Great Again

South of the border the bizarre reality show continues as Donald Trump does everything he can to make Russia great again.

We really have entered the twilight zone.

It’s as if America has stepped through the looking glass. Everything seems sideways

In 2017, change will inevitably come and sometimes in the most unexpected places.

We will be shocked, surprised, happy, angry, hurt. and sad.

We will shake our heads and wonder how things will ever be normal again and we will be here to try to help you make sense of it.