There is no doubt there are many gunning for the Quebec Liberals, and not just the opposition parties

The government seems a little shell-shocked these days.

The situation is becoming more perilous as each day passes and new allegations about the ghosts of Liberal governments past and even present dominate the news cycle.

The head of the Montreal police union finally met with investigators over allegations that an investigation into two Liberal MNAs was stopped.

It’s curious that he made the claim the same day as the government tabled its bill outlawing clown pants, which police have been wearing for years.

There were also new allegations this week that former Liberal minister and fundraiser Violette Trepanier wasn’t exactly truthful when she testified at the Charbonneau commission about using her position to give government jobs to friends.

The Liberals are putting on a brave face and fighting back by trying to create suspicion that former Parti Quebecois Leader Pierre Karl Peladeau is using his Quebecor media to beef up the number of reporters at the National Assembly in an attempt to undermine and destabilize the government. They may not be wrong.

The summer break can’t come soon enough for the Liberal party which will have a lot of wounds to lick.

This might just be the beginning. The issue of integrity has always been the Achilles’ heel of the Liberals.

Attachez vos tuques.

Montreal: more dude ranch than Wild West

The 375th orgy of excess is about to begin.

The Jacques Cartier bridge lighting project is just about ready to be plugged in. On May 17th the mayor will pull the switch and the bridge will light up like a $40 million Christmas tree.

Then will come the March of the Giants later this month.

These things are freaky and what they have to do the anniversary of Montreal, I haven’t a clue.

Do we have size issues? Odd choice.

Montreal does sometimes seem right out of Gulliver’s travels, where wars were fought over was which end of a boiled egg was the proper end to open, pitting the big enders against the little enders.

Maybe the giants’ parades will be appropriate after all, because we immerse in the inane while real problems are so often ignored.

Then there is the Montreal rodeo.

City hall seems tone deaf to the chorus of opposition and potential legal action. No backing down it appears.

Montreal, a city founded by French colonizers and missionaries, will celebrate its birthday with a Wild West rodeo.

The mayor and councillors will no doubt don their Stetsons and chaps and yell out yippie yi yo ki yay.

The SPCA says rodeos subject animals to fear, stress, injury, and even death.

You can register your opposition to this silliness at notorodeo.com where so far 16,000 people have signed the online petition.

Architect of a scandal

What a mess our defence minister has gotten himself into.

Resignation seems to me to be the only way out for his deception on his role in the largest Canadian military operation in years.

Since when did it become okay for a minister of the Crown to lie and then deny until the truth came out?

Is that how it works these days, you lie and then it’s just good enough to say sorry and move on with the Prime Minister’s blessing? No harm no foul?

In the world of fake news, alternative facts, Orwellian discourse, and reckless social media, the truth is more important than ever.

The Prime minster is showing poor judgment by not demanding a letter of resignation.

Harjit Sajjan failed the troops he served with, he failed Canadians, and he failed the truth.