Controversial Const.728 could face criminal charges, according to Montreal police chief Marc Parent who revealed the news in a speech Saturday at a meeting of the Quebec Federation of Professional Journalists in Saint-Sauveur.

Parent said that Stephanie Trudeau, who was suspended from the force on Oct. 11 following an aggressive arrest on the Plateau, will have her file handed over to legal authorities to decide whether a criminal charge is merited in the case.

Parent said that the force interviewed 60 people in an internal investigation before making the decision.

Trudeau was caught on tape being aggressive with civilian suspects on October 2, calling suspects "rats," as well as other derogatory names.

Trudeau also had a prior history of attracting complaints and controversy predating the incident.

"The fact is that as an officer no one can be proud of what she's doing," police representative Ian Lafreniere said at the time of Trudeau’s suspension.