Montreal police have arrested nine people in connection with a series of attacks and muggings in the Southwest borough.

The suspects are aged 13 to 19 -- with only one suspect being an adult.

Three of the suspects were released, but six of those arrested remain in custody and will be charged with armed robbery, assault causing bodily harm, possession of stolen property and possession of a dangerous weapon.

In November police began investigating multiple attacks taking place in the borough.

Officers said the alleged muggers would target anybody, including people with physical disabilities.

"Maybe in the metro, maybe on the street, anywhere the victim was isolated, that's where they would go and surround," said Sylvain Parent, commander of Station 15. 

"They would steal cell phones, we had Nintendo games and some kid even got his jacket for the winter stolen."

There have been at least six victims, and while most of the victims were minors, police suspect some people who were mugged never informed authorities.

One of the victims was Andre Hobson, 22, who like most was targeted while walking out of a metro station in the neighbourhood.

He was pummelled by four people on Dec. 1 in an assault that broke his nose and fractured his jaw.

The thieves stole $10.

Other victims were attacked near metro stations or bike paths in the area.

This is the second group of alleged muggers operating in that borough that police have arrested in the past three months.

In December police arrested three teenagers, aged 15 and 16, at a fast food restaurant in Verdun.

Members of that group were charged with possession of a knife and a telescopic club, possession of stolen goods, and violating probation.