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Plateau borough charges $666 for second parking permit, even if it's a scooter


At the most recent Plateau borough council meeting, a resident stepped up to the microphone to question Mayor Luc Rabouin, dumbfounded that it would cost him $666 to park his scooter.

"A permit for a second vehicle is $666 regardless of what type of vehicle it is," borough mayor Luc Rabouin confirmed.

The price is the same whether the vehicle is an SUV or a scooter.

"I think that's a bit bizarre," one Plateau resident told CTV News.

The interaction between the citizen and the mayor was posted on Reddit, a social networking site.

Some people can't believe how expensive it is to park a scooter.

"It's a lot of money. It's expensive to have a car," said Charmaine Dyke.

The borough outlines its parking sticker prices on its website. Depending on when a resident buys a second permit, the price varies. If it's purchased on July 1, it's $666.

It costs nearly half the price in the neighbouring Ville-Marie borough.

The borough mayor refused an interview request from CTV News but said in a statement that in the Plateau, a scooter is considered a vehicle.

"Concerning the cost of this second parking sticker in our borough, it was designed to encourage the use of smaller, more environmentally friendly cars, and to prioritize public transportation when possible," the borough said.

One resident CTV News spoke with said the price should be based on the length of the vehicle.

"Certainly the second vignette should be at a higher rate for a linear foot occupied along the sidewalk, but not the same as a big vehicle."

The borough says it's costly to maintain street parking, anywhere from $800 to $1,300 per space. The money generated from parking permits helps maintain services to citizens. Top Stories

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