An Ontario mayor is actively recruiting Quebecers who would be turned away for public sector jobs based on the controversial new Bill 21.

The Act Respecting the Laicity of the State bans workers in roles including police officers, teachers and judges from wearing religious symbols on the job. That includes crosses, kippas and hijabs.

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown tabled two motions at city hall Friday: to join the legal challenge against the bill and to actively recruit Quebec residents interested in a career in policing and emergency services for the Peel Regional Force.

“If we don’t stand up for religious freedom in Brampton which is the most culturally and religiously diverse city in Canada, then who will?” the statement from Brown read.

Brown said he will also ask fire and emergency services to advertise in Quebec promoting career opportunities in Brampton, a suburban city west of Toronto and in the Greater Toronto Area.

Brown’s motion will be debated at a city council meeting on June 26.