About a hundred people rallied outside the premier's Montreal offices on Monday evening to show their displeasure against Bill 21.

The legislation that bans many government workers from wearing religious symbols on the job was rammed through the legislature on Sunday, and the first of what is expected to be many court challenges was launched on Monday.

Protesters said Bill 21 tarnishes Quebec's reputation as a tolerant and open-minded society.

"We're shocked, we are disappointed and it's not just for Muslim women. It's also any woman, any person that believes in fundamental rights, in equality and freedom for every citizen of a country. This is unacceptable," said Manar Jaber.

The CAQ government said the aim of the legislation is to put to rest an argument that has raged in Quebec for much of this century, but opponents said it will do nothing of the kind.

"For the children who are going to come in, the coming generation, it will be hard for their parents to tell them just because you wear something on your head it suddenly impacts your mental fitness to do a job, it impacts your judgment," said Sammy Bajwa.

Many protesters said the legislation has them reconsidering their long-term futures in Quebec.