MONTREAL -- With a new wave of restrictions set to be lifted Monday, Quebec public health authorities reported Sunday that 92 more people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the province, and nine more people have died.

It is the second time the number of new cases has been below 100 in the past week, and the lowest tally of new cases since March 19.

Of the nine deaths reported, Quebec authories said three ocurred before June 13.

The total number of positive cases in Quebec is now 54,766, and 5,417 people have died due to the virus.

Of those who tested positive, 121 more people have recovered from the virus, bringing the total to 23,322.

The number of patients being treated in Quebec hospitals dropped again Sunday with eight fewer people currently hospitalized for a total of 521. Of those, 61 people are in the intensive care ward, a decrease of one from 24 hours ago.

Quebec health officials analysed 8,242 samples on June 19. Quebec releases its sampling data from two days prior to the daily announcement.