MONTREAL -- Three days a week, Lucas Hygate and a team of volunteers start their day at the Metro grocery store in Beaconsfield shopping for those who can’t.

“There’s a lot of people who are unfortunately stuck inside of their homes who aren’t able to leave,” said Hygate.

Hygate founded Trash Talk last year, which focused on cleaning up Montreal by picking up trash. A few weeks ago, in the heart of COVID-19 crisis, his mission took a turn.

Now, he delivers groceries to those at a higher risk of contracting coronavirus.

“In these times, this is the best way we can help our communities,” he said.

It’s a way to give peace of mind to those he delivers to.

“(He) shows up on my doorstep within a couple of days at most of being ordered,” said one who received a delivery.

Trash Talk has also partnered with Hear Quebec, an organization that works to improve the wellbeing of those affected by hearing loss.

Orders have doubled in two weeks.

“If I’m out here doing the orders for people that are at high risk that means their safe at home,” said Heidy Wager of Hear Quebec. “That means they’re not going through the doors of the hospital.”

The service is free and registration can be done online.

“Our end goal in all of this is that we can take this program and any city or any borough that wants to work with their local non-profit organization can duplicate this program in their local cities,” said Wager.