Out of room in the snow dump, the city of Beaconsfield plans to melt it and pour it into the sewer.

The city purchased an industrial snow-melting machine. In promotional videos for the device, it looks like a tractor-trailer with a giant hot tub attached. It burns diesel fuel to heat a chamber into which snow is dropped or blown.

Once melted, the city said it plans to pour the water into its sewers.

According to Marie-Claude Desrochers from Beaconsfield Public Works, the snow-melter cost the city $600,000, but she said it's cheaper than building a dump.

"Just buying the land is around a million, and to construct a field that's to regulations it's about two million dollars. And then you have to maintain it every year so that's about $50,000," she said.

Pierre-Elliot Trudeau airport already operates some of the machines. So does the STM.