MONTREAL - Visitation continued Sunday for slain Mafia don Nicolo Rizzuto.

Luxury cars filled the parking lot of a funeral home in St. Leonard shortly after visitation started Saturday evening, as a team of bodyguards restricted access to the site.

Police officers watched from the perimeter, taking photographs and filming the proceedings.

Rizzuto, 86, was gunned down in his home in Cartierville Wednesday in front of his wife and daughter.

Often referred to as "the last godfather," Rizzuto's funeral will be held Monday at Notre-Dame-de-la-Defense Church in Little Italy.

Visitation began at 7 p.m. the Complexe Funeraire Loreto in St. Leonard, the same location as his grandson Nick Rizzuto Jr.'s visitation was held after his murder in December. He was also the target of a hit.

The funeral home is owned by friends of the Rizzuto family.

Hundreds, perhaps even thousands, are expected to attend the don's funeral.

Rizzuto's son Vito, the current reputed head of the Montreal mafia, was not expected to attend his father's funeral.

He's currently serving a 10-year sentence in the U.S. for racketeering related to three mob murders in Brooklyn in 1981.

Raised in rural Italy where he began his career in crime as an enforcer on Sicilian farms, Nicolo Rizzuto rose to become the boss of a powerful Mafia family whose international operations raked in millions of dollars.

Though said to be semi-retired from his role in the mafia, Nicolo Rizzuto had allegedly taken over duties from Vito Rizzuto while he remains behind bars.