MONTREAL - Pianist, composer and arranger Oliver Jones is spearheading a fundraising campaign to save the church where he learned to love music.

The Union United Church is 104 years old and in bad shape.

"It just deteriorated over the time and it's much quicker than I had thought. I noticed it over the last three years," said Jones.

The church was founded in 1907 as a place for members of Montreal's black community, who often were not welcome in other churches.

"It was a wonderful, wonderful place because it wasn't only the religious study. I was a place to go to socialize," said Jones.

"For me it was very special because it was there at the age of five than I had my first taste of playing in front of an audience."

This Saturday, Oct. 15, Jones will be playing piano at a hall named after another son of the Union United Church: the Oscar Peterson Hall at Concordia University.

He will be joined by the Men's Gospel Choir, Sylvie Desgroseilliers, Clifford Dean, Carol Lena and others.

People wishing to buy tickets can call 514-932-8731.

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