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Stephane Giroux

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Stephane Giroux began his career in news as a paper boy in Town of Mount Royal. He wrote for every student newspaper in every school he attended. In 1990 he graduated from Concordia University in Journalism. He moved to the Gaspe, where he wrote for the English-language weekly, the SPEC, and worked for a community radio station. Stephane then took a job writing for the Quebec City daily, Le Soleil, and eventually switched to TV, working for Radio-Canada in the Gaspe.

In 1994, he was recruited by CFCF 12. He considered it a dream-come-true, as it was the channel he always watched growing up.

Giroux has a special interest in law and legal affairs, and has covered some of Quebec's most sensational trials, beginning with the infamous Barnabé affair, in which five police officers were tried for brutality. His coverage earned him the Leon Levinson Award in 1995, which allowed him to study law at McGill University. Other notable trials included that of Hells Angels leader Maurice "Mom" Boucher and boxer Dave Hilton.

Giroux admits he's a news junkie, and has to find a paper or a news channel every day, even when on a day off or on vacation. One exception: when he goes on his regular fishing trips with his son, the media isn't allowed to get in the way of his lines and hooks!

Born in Montreal, Giroux has studied at Concordia University and McGill University. He enjoys fishing, skiing, golfing, parenting his teenagers and attending rock concerts. A little known fact about Giroux is that he is a direct descendant of 1837 Quebec rebellion fighters Bonaventure Viger and Georges-Etienne Cartier, who would later negotiate the Canadian Confederation.