This year, the city hopes to make snow removal less tedious for everyone, regardless of which borough they live in.

For the first time each borough will have up to 12 hours to begin carting away snow and the ones that don't will be fined. In the past boroughs could wait or skip snow removal altogether to save money, but that should no longer be an issue.

“The budget is for five snow removal operations but if we have a big storm and a sixth or seventh one, we're going to pay for it,” said executive committee member Anie Samson.

The city is also calling on drivers to do their part. Last year, 5,000 cars were towed after snowstorms. After testing it in five boroughs last year, the city is re-launching its Info-Neige mobile application and website so Montrealers can keep track of snow removal in real time.

“We're hoping that this better data accuracy will provide for a better service across the city of Montreal,” saidexecutive committee member Harout Chitilian.

The city also promises winter bike routes will be cleared at the same time as the roads.

Clearing more snow will cost more money – about $3.7 million more in the city's 2016 budget – but with every borough but Ile Bizard-Ste. Genevieve on board, the city's betting it will be money well spent.