A Montreal family is outraged that city employees have tossed out their garbage can. Twice.

The Kaminski-Renaud family in NDG says they were forced to buy a new garbage can a few months ago when trash collectors threw their can into the garbage truck.

They bought a new wheeled can, and this week trash collectors did it again.

In a surveillance video recorded from their driveway, a garbage truck pulls up to their house and the city worker struggles with the can.

He attempts to use a mechanized lift to dump the trash into the truck, but the can falls off and the lid breaks off.

The worker then picks up the can and throws it in the truck, and tosses the lid in too.

Jennifer Renaud said she complained to the city and was told her can was thrown out because it was broken.

"I went to the city today and they are claiming that because it wasn't catching on their conveyor apparatus that it was broken. I am infuriated! The garbage cost $110 at Home Depot," she wrote.

A spokesperson for the borough watched the video, and said that Renaud's bin was broken. 

However he added that garbage men will now be told to leave broken bins behind for residents to deal with.