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Montreal to hold public consultations on how to better manage services for homeless


The City of Montreal says it will hold public consultations on how to better integrate services for homeless people with surrounding neighbourhoods.

The announcement comes as Montrealers living near organizations that serve vulnerable people have been raising the alarm about visible drug use, homelessness and concerning behaviour on their doorsteps.

Mayor Valerie Plante says in a statement that the city has heard concerns from businesses, families and community members on how these resources are being managed.

She says the need for such services is continuing to grow and the city wants to involve citizens so that future projects are implemented more "harmoniously."

The city's public health director says visible homelessness has been rising in Montreal, driven by factors including the housing crisis, toxic drugs and mental-health struggles, and that it's important to hear from different groups who are affected.

The city says it will publish a schedule for the consultations in the coming weeks.

- This report by The Canadian Press was first published on July 8, 2024. Top Stories

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