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Montreal orders wrong size for trap door, delays full reopening of Notre-Dame Street East


What is being described as a "human mistake" means Notre-Dame Street East won't fully reopen to drivers for another few weeks -- or even months.

The major thoroughfare near Dickson Street has been down to one lane since last summer after a massive underground trap door broke.

The city had to custom-order a new cast-iron replacement, but when it arrived months later, it was too small.

"When we signed the contract, there was confusion between the metric system and the imperial system. We messed up with the numbers. We accepted something that obviously doesn't fit," explained Philippe Sabourin, a spokesperson with the City of Montreal. "We have to start it over again. We are sorry about this. It's a human mistake."

Sabourin acknowledged that the delay could have a major impact on drivers in the area.

"We made a mistake," he reiterated. "We acknowledge this mistake, and we will do everything in our power to replace this piece of equipment."

The city says it could take weeks or even months before a new sheet is made. Top Stories

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